Race Map

Run the Glen – Race Map

Glen: (Scottish) a secluded narrow valley

Race starts in Main Camp

First leg (0.0-0.7mi) takes you through Main Camp and by Milner Lake

Second leg (0.7-0.9mi) runs you along the horse pasture

Third leg (0.9-1.7mi) runs the main dirt road and takes you through the eastern woods and towards our eastern glen and near Border Falls. There is a long downhill section and your first climb up to the eastern flats.

Fourth leg (1.7-2.3) is a long down hill run to a view of the Grand River and along the northern section of Stony Glen.

Fifth leg (2.3-2.6mi) takes you across a small creek and up the toughest climb called Razorback and on the trail along the ridge high above the Grand River. The view is worth the climb.

Sixth leg (2.6-3.0mi) is a beautiful stretch on the trail that runs at the top of our main glen. You will pass our tree house and Milner Pavilion.

Final leg will bring you back to Main Camp and into the Parade Field.